NarcosXXX Review: A Game Of Sex, Money & Drugs

With the grand success of ‘Narcos’, it was only a time’s matter when the sex parody of the hit Netflix series would come out. With the successful run of “Call of Booty” and “Grand Fuck Auto”, it was evident that the sex parody of “Narcos” would be a huge hit as well. Sex parody games are generally popular as a genre itself. 

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And “NarcosXXX”, the parody sex game of Narcos, ticked all the right spots combining sex, drug and money all in a single place. 

But does the whole game stand up to how it sounds from the outside? Or it is just about the hype?
Let us find out in our detailed review of NarcosXXX.

What is NarcosXXX?

NarcosXXX is a 3D role playing game, where you will get indulged in the world of Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar. You can play as Pablo himself, or take up roles like Valeria and Horatio. Playing as Pablo himself, you can relive the life of the most famous Columbian drug lord as it was. Sleep in his bed, play with busty and beautiful women and proceed with the gang shoot ups. You will experience all the things Pablo did, firsthand. Not only that, as Pablo, you will be “The king of cocaine” and will run the Medellin cartel all by yourself. 

The gameplay itself follows first person POV and the scenarios vary from Pablo’s mansion to brothels to prisons and even the hidden cocaine labs. The gripping storyline well accommodates the 3D porn sidelined throughout the game.  

The forbidden world of drug and sex along with power and money made this game a man’s paradise with the option of women participating as Valeria. The accompanying hardcore 3D porn helps it in being a super addictive game. 

How to play NarcosXXX?

Narcos XXXAt the very start of the game, you have the option to choose your character, between the cartel and the Policia. Then choose your gender and the level of hardcore gameplay (Soft, hard and shocking). 

As this is a sexually explicit game, you need to sign up using your credit card details to verify your age and to activate your account. 

Once you have activated your account, you can customize your character and start playing the role right away. 

Navigating around the game is pretty easy. Using only the mouse, you can navigate everywhere and to use other functionalities, you just need to point and click. The objects around you in game are responsive, highlighted and have a sub menu for each of them for their own functionalities.  

The goal of the game is pretty simple. Joining as a part of the cartel, you must fight and rise to the top of cartel, fucking numerous whores along the way. 

Kill every enemy, protect your drug empire and fuck as many women as you want.

Pretty simple, huh?

No, the journey to the top of the drug world is not an easy one. You have to take care of the Police as well as the DEA and fuck your heart out along the way. The whores come in plenty and you need to pay them for their services. Pretty easy compared to what you have to do with the Police and the DEA. 

You also have the option to play as a Police, but the other side of the river is not as green. The role of a police is no match to the colourful and lavish life of Pablo Escobar. 

Technical specification

Firstly, NarcosXXX is a flash based game. The game was in Beta mode until recently and now the stable official version is in circulation. It doesn’t require installation and runs smoothly in a browser. That is pretty convenient for a game, which focuses more on the sexual part than the technical one. 

Who plays NarcosXXX?

A staggering 2 million visitors per month visit NarcosXXX. With the majority being from the USA, a lot of people from Brazil, China, India and Germany play the game. 
So many people cannot really go wrong. Can they?

How much does NarcosXXX cost?

The NarcosXXX gameplay itself is free. But you need to sign up using your credit card details, which they will use to sign you up in a premium porn network for a 2 day trial. You will have to cancel the subscription within this 2 day period, failing which; you will be charged $39.95 per month. 

Also, as a bonus offer, you will be signed up to a 7 day trial of and 10 day trial of XXXHDvault both of which renews automatically after the trial period. 

The charges are $39.94 and $49.95 respectively billed per month unless cancelled. But, you will have the option to opt out of both these trials. 

Our verdict

NarcosXXX is a pretty decent game with detailed graphics and gameplay. Most parts of the game are well thought out and detailed. Doing justice to the colorful life of Pablo Escobar, the game has hardcore violence and porn to keep you engaged at all times. A lot of action is available for the player to enjoy along with all the fun with the whores. 

The pace of the game crashes at some times with the action packed storyline coming to a screeching halt. But, this gives you more time to enjoy the women around you. 

On the contrary, the audio and background music is a letdown. They are repetitive at times and outright mismatch with the mood of the game in some portions. 

Since the beta version, some people found a bug crashing the game at some points in the Chrome browser. We did not find any bug of that sort. But just to be sure, try to avoid Google Chrome for this.

Other than that, the game is straight forward and entertaining. And with the access to the porn network on offer, the deal seems a good one. If you feel bored after a couple of weeks playing the game, you can always fall back on those premium quality porn videos. 

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