Free Adult Games Review: The Best Mini Sex Games Collection?

Free Adult Games Review
‘Free Adult Games’ is not a particular game. It is a website that hosts many free adult games and a collection of HD porns along with thousands of realistic porn movies in high quality. 

Some games are free to play like Triple-X games and some are accessible only to the premium members. The site also adds a lot of new games almost regularly.

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Upon sign up in the Free Adult Games, you will be taken to a website called My User Vault. And you get access to a huge collection of porn with the likes of Vampire sex, undead fucking, group sex, gay and lesbian sex after subscribing to the premium plan. With a premium subscription, you also get to see live cams, HD porn videos and pictures.

What you get?

You will be pleasantly surprised after receiving so many things you didn’t even know was on offer. You sign up for a set of games and what you receive is so much more than that. The quality of both the games and the videos is absolutely top class. The rendered 3D videos are a treat to eyes and help satisfy your inner desires. 

If you prefer realistic porn over fake moans and staged ones, you can go the ‘Full Movies’ link towards the top. There you will get access to thousands of DVD quality porns starting with the likes of Casting couch cuties and Barely 18. 

And that is not the end of it. You also get access to an entry token with your subscription, the Premier Passport. There you can see porn videos from across the world. With the token, you can watch uncensored Japanese porn and other rare but exciting videos, comparable to a porn gold mine. 

And in case you want to cancel your subscription to Premier passport, you can just start a chat and ask for the cancellation of service. Always provide your registered email id instead of your credit card information when asked for during your cancellation to avoid any other charges. 

Games available

Upon sign up the Free Adult Games, the homepage shows famous games like The Call of Booty and Grand Fuck Auto. The site also features several game verticals and from top of the page links, you can access the game vertical like toon games, hentai games, Battle babes and card games. 

There are more games than you can possibly imagine and you can always play a new game every time your mood demands. 

FreeAdultGame reviews

We have tried a random few games and reviewed them here. We chose the hentai vertical (Only for personal preference) to give you a sneak peek into the world of Free Adult Games. 

Fuck Town: College Life
We stumbled upon this hentai game and realized how much advanced the Japanese games are. In Fuck town: College Life, you are in a Japanese School. And, you move around the school to find tasks, doing which will help you get a teen into a higher grade. As you go on trying to fuck her, a few obstacles come and you fuck your way through them. 
The navigation is single click based and can be done with only one hand. This makes jerking off real easy. But don’t just go off now, there are more and better too. 

Miami Holidays
Now, this is another game with a lengthy but interesting storyline. You befriend a cute girl in Facebook and the girl convinces you to go on a trip to Miami with her. As you reach the city, you progress with an adventure that you can control with your clicks. If you have played dating sims earlier, you can relate. You will get a pleasant surprise at the end, if you can approach the game right. There are a lot of decisions to make and make sure you take the right decisions. 
The buildup is slow but steady. In the end the whole story comes together and you are in for a surprise. 

This game is a relatively new one. You play the role of a guy, who just got out of prison and have a boss named Riff Raff. Riff Raff gives you missions and you go on fulfilling them. You raise an illegal street army and enjoy eroticism in abundance. The voices felt pretty real and the game overall stayed interesting and arousing.

Other games
There are several other games worth playing in every vertical. As we went to the card games vertical, we found 3 cards Poker, Strip Blackjack among several others. 

Also, there are more prominent titles like Cat Fight University, Fappy Bird and Sexy Chicks Part 3 hentai edition.  

The hentai vertical seemed the best with more number of games and better quality. Although there are pleasurable games in every vertical, the hentai one had more fuel for imagination. 

There are so many games that you may lose hours inside the Free Adult Games platform. 

Our verdict

As we checked Free Adult Games, we realized this is great deal. We got more than we imagined and needed in the package deal. It is rare that we find good quality of porn in the internet and the number of good porn you get here is staggering. 

You are really missing a lot if you haven’t tried this once. We gave it a try and was amazed at how good it was. Whatever your liking in the porn is, you will get a lot of good games and videos for that. 

You will be quite pleased with the thousands of hardcore porn DVDs, multiple games and the complimentary access to external porn websites. The game section is huge and the video section matches up to it. 

We have gone through a lot of game websites prior to this and can safely say this one is the most versatile game website we have ever seen with so many categories and titles in each category. 

So, give this one a try and we assure you, you will not be disappointed. 

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