In this disclosure statement, you’re going to learn how we make our money. Just like a large majority of websites online makes its income through affiliate partnerships.

These partnerships allow us to pay coders, graphic designers, web hosts and other freelancers to help create an amazing in-depth review site.

Referral links are used throughout articles to link to our partners. When you click on these links a cookie is then placed on your PC. This cookie helps track your actions on the cam site and then report a sale or referral when you sign up for that service.

We also place ads throughout the sites depending on which campaigns we are running. Regardless of the referral links and affiliate partnerships, will never ask you for any money directly, we also don’t take payments on the site. Our site is 100% free.

How We Make Our Money

With the aim of being completely transparent, here’s how we make our money:

  • Referral links – The majority of our articles have referral links in place. After you click on these links and pay for the service provided by the cam site, we then get a “commision” or portion of the sale.
  • Advertising – Occasionally we will run ad campaigns that means placing banners or sponsored content across the site. We are paid to display certain banners or create an article that is sponsored by a specific cam site.

These are the two primary sources of our income. Again, we do not take money from our users. We only get paid from certain cam services for referring customers.

How We Rank Websites ‘Cam Services’

A large number of our pages will display a ‘top 10’ comparison table which will show you the most popular and highest rated cam sites based on our own internal reviews.

In order to rank those sites, we use the following checklist:

  • Support
  • Traffic
  • Earnings
  • User popularity
  • Internal reviews
  • Unique features
  • Pricing

If you require any more information on anything listed on this page, please get in touch with us and one of our team will be happy to help.