Async Games

Async Games (short for asynchronous games) are GTO games that do not require all the players to be logged into the game at the same time. Think of Words with Friends or Play by Email games: you log into the game, take your turn, the server saves the game state, and then alerts the next player that it is their turn. This gives you the flexibility to take your turns when you can and keep a game going against a friend who has a different schedule from you and you don’t need to keep the game or your computer up waiting.

If players in an Async Game are online, the game can be played real-time like a Live game and will switch back to Async if anyone leaves. Live Games can be converted to Async Games if all players agree and this initiated from the Game Options menu. Async Games are not included in your 3 trial day passes but you can pay to play or convert to them at a cost of 5 GTO Gold.

To get started with Async Games click on the Async Game navigation link above which will take you to page dedicated to them. The starting page displays your current Async Games. Clicking on the Open button will switch to show Async Games looking for players, and the Completed  button to show your finished games. On the right side of the page, there is a pull-down menu and Create Game button that lets you start a new game.

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